What's RV6.ORG all about? Well, in 2005, I lived in Florida and wanted a website name that contained RV and was 7 characters or less, so it could be put on my license plate. I wanted a name with .com, so I could put the .COM (with an O) on one vehicle and .C0M (with a zero) on the other.

It turns out that most 3-letter domain names containing RV are already bought up by those who speculate that someone might eventually want to buy the name from them. Couldn't really find any decent ones with RV and .com, so had to settle for .org. After much research (a couple of days, at least), I decided on RV6.ORG - soon to appear RV6.ORG on my RV and RV6.0RG on my toadie. 

Then, what do I want to put on the site? Well, since it's RV6, I decided to put links to the 6 best RV sites on the internet (IMHO). Although some of these are my sites, some aren't, and they all contain good info relating to various aspects of buying, using, and enjoying RVs and RV travel. I'll be updating the site names now and then, as my humble opinion changes.

Bob Hoffman

LOL - It's now 2014, I never did get those license plates, and I sold my last (maybe) RV in December 2013. I've actually changed the top 6 a couple of times, but not as often as I thought. They're all still operational and worthwhile. And - I realized that if you count the 1962 Voivo that I lived in for a month, I've had 6 RVs! See them all at America Views.
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