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We have just put together, at great expense and through many long hours of effort, a live presentation to convince you that you really need to buy and read Aliens to Vegas!

If you'll click the screen display below, it will take you to our presentation. BUT, BEFORE YOU CLICK, we should warn you about a couple of things. For one, we haven't figured out how to make the sound play automatically, so you'll have to click on the little speaker to load the sound on each slide. If you'll mouse over the display below, we'll hilite the little speaker for you. Secondly, these sound bites for each slide are just under a megabyte each (guess that makes them sounds mega-bites), so they take about a minute or so to load if you've got a somewhat slow DSL line like I do. HOWEVER, if you get bored easily, feel free to have another window open in the background and go play there after you click the little speaker. When the download is complete, you'll hear Al's cheery voice telling you all about the book, the RV trip, and the aliens. Someday, we'll learn how to create streaming audio/video and all of this intro will become obsolete.
Thank you for your patience!
OOPS! Another discovery! CLICK HERE for additional info!
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Counting You!
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Another Discovery!  I just noticed that if you click this little icon labelled "Slide Show", ^^
you can view the presentation full-screen. If you do, you will still need to click the little speaker on each slide for the sound and you click anywhere to proceed to the next slide.