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Initial Probes (1900-1940)

EY1900, Light Probe #00122: The seeding of ideas works well on Earth. By telepathically transmitting the radio idea around the globe, we have hastened its "invention." The idea was received by several Earthlings, but was most actively pursued by Marconi. The radio is fast becoming their first means of expediently transmitting information to large numbers of Earthlings without delay.

Technology is progressing well in our two main areas of concern, transportation and communication. The rudimentary aspects of transportation are developing, including diesel engine, steam turbine, gas turbine, and several advancements in automobiles, which will prove to be the most prevalent mode of transportation in the near future. We feel that the transportation area shows more immediate promise, so are going to concentrate efforts there and let communication evolve at its own pace.

Based upon current evaluations, we have decided to seed the idea of flight. We will start with air-filled vehicles, then powered, winged machines. The obvious plan is to propel them to interplanetary flight within approximately 50-70 Earth Years, in order that they be ready to accept the Astrian visit in EY2016.

EY1910, Light Probe #00253: Transportation progress is excellent: dirigible airship EY1900, powered airplane EY1903, monoplane EY1909, and thermojet engine EY1910.

EY1920, Light Probe #00394: Transportation progress has continued, with the introduction of the hydroplane, fuel improvements, and the liquid fuel rocket, which was our first seeding that will lead Earthlings to interplanetary capability.

A somewhat disturbing development has been the invention of several fighting machinery improvements, including the military tank and the Thompson submachine gun. Even more disturbing is that the Earthlings have engaged in the first of several conflicts involving warriors from one side of the globe travelling long distances to battle opposing warriors. The conflict during the last 10 Earth-Year segment was referred to as The Great War (to be later designated World War I) and involved over 43 of their nations, called countries. Battles, or wars, of this type will be problematic to allowing Earth to exist within the constraints of the MWIS. To combat this problem, we are seeding ideas for peace, negotiation, and cooperation between countries and Earthlings with differing languages and history.

Due to the self-destructive actions in Earth-wide conflicts and other areas, it has been decided that summaries should be done every 5 Earth Years.

EY1925, Light Probe #00465: Whether it be due to the World War or simply a result of our idea seeds, great strides are being made in communication. Inventions have been made in the areas of radar, photography, television, sound and technicolor for movies, and the mass production of teletype machines. All of these media as a group provide means to better communicate with all of areas of Earth in a much shorter time than was previously feasible, with both text and images. We likewise see the flourishing of the first licensed radio station in the United States, with many more to come.

Another possible result of the World War was the increased amount of poverty around the poorer countries of Earth. While some areas are thriving and growing more influential, others are seeing increasing numbers of their beings starving and dying. The disturbing aspect of this, from the Astrian point of view, is that in general, the wealthy areas don't provide the support to the poorer areas that would be expected in a modern society. Remedies to this situation may require an Astrian project to provide the needed resources. It is further distressing to the Astrians that their future projections show a similar, larger conflict on the horizon for Earth within the next 15 Earth Years.

EY1930, Light Probe #00946: The 5-year segment has shown little progress in the communications and transportation areas, but a surprising series of advances in the medical field. These include the first microscopic motion picture camera, antibiotics, first X-Ray motion picture camera, and the Electroencephelograph (EEG).

In addition to earlier efforts to seed the ideas of peace, negotiation, and cooperation, we are now trying to also alert areas of Great Britain and the United States of America regarding the turmoil about to erupt in central Europe. Despite these efforts and the publication of Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler in 1925, the Earth's leaders remain neutral and isolationist.

EY1935, Light Probe #001107: As the Earth moves closer to conflict, inventions in various areas continue to appear. Neoprene, Nylon, the Radio Telescope, Polaroid glass, and microwave radar provide advances to both communications and transportation, but no major developments are noted. The idea for a computer is seeded into the Earth's sphere of knowledge, with the hope that this might provide aid to peaceful areas in completing mathematical calculations necessary for many aspects of defensive war-fighting systems.

An interesting sidenote to this period is the birth of Virgil Allen Wulff in Kankakee, Illinois. The significance of this event is that Virgil would later be one of the receivers of the information that predicted the Astrian arrival in 2016. Due to Astrian future projection capabilities, this fact was known at the time of Virgil's birth, so his life was watched with great interest from that point forward.

EY1940, Light Probe #002148: As expected, the early computer emerges, simultaneously in Germany and the United States. During the same period, the jet engine and the helicopter are invented, providing additional tools for the upcoming conflict.

Amazingly, this period saw not only the birth of the computer, but also the birth of Robert Hoffman in St. Cloud, Minnesota, CONTINUED IN THE NEXT CHAPTER ...

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