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The Final Era

I am Zolf and this is the continuation of my chronicles. Below, we repeat the previous entry for clarity. If you've somehow arrived here without seeing the earlier entries, CLICK HERE to go to the start of the chronicles. If you're here to read about the Pluto Probe, CLICK HERE.

EY2000, Light Probe #003410: This new millenium in Earth's history will be an opportune time to introduce the Earthlings to the idea that they're actually going to be visited by a non-Earthian species. As EY2000 approached, there was great concern regarding what was termed the Y2K syndrome, whereby Earthlings were highly concerned at the tumultuous events and catastrophes that they thought would occur simply due to the turning of their calendar from EY1999 to EY2000. As we predicted, virtually none of the expected events actually occurred, but the Y2K syndrome served to stimulate many Earthlings to more readily accept the unfamiliar and the unexpected and not react so dramatically when unforeseen events actually did occur.

To ease the heralding of the Astrian visit, we employed concentrated dream implantation in both Hoffman and Wulff to convince them to both retire in EY1999 and move to Florida. Wulff was in the Washington DC area and Hoffman was back in Huntsville, Alabama, but both were eventually convinced to retire to Florida. Although they're on opposite coasts, they stay in touch via the internet, and this separation will ultimately precipitate several RV trips that will eventually produce the Aliens to Vegas story to present Astrians and their message.

In this period leading up to Earth's new millenium, the major discoveries were cloning of mammals, the 802.11 set of wireless LAN/WLAN standards, and Bluetooth. We had seeded the cloning idea much earlier, but ethical and religious restrictions in many areas of Earth delayed research into the technology. The real-world concept of cloning, together with prevalence of androids and robots in Science Fiction, are envisioned to ease the acceptance of our planned Immortality Project, which involves a variation of these activities coupled with the brain-transfer methodology similar to that introduced in Stargate SG-1, which was initiated on TV in EY1997.

The 802.11 standards aren't particularly significant to our cause, but will later prove to provide Hoffman with an avenue for exploitation of his interest in RVing, plus additional income needed to allow him the time to continue his pursuit of writing and cooperation with Wulff on the presentation of the Astrian message.

Bluetooth is an industrial specification for wireless personal area networks (PANs). Bluetooth provides a way to connect and exchange information between devices like personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile phones, laptops, PCs, printers and digital cameras via a secure, low-cost, globally available short range radio frequency. This communication method will prove to be of significant importance, when Hoffman and Wulff discover methods for using it to quickly and widely disperse information to all Earthlings.

EY2005, Light Probe #005000: Due to the turn of the millenium and the closeness of the final phases of the Astrian mission to Earth, the frequency of the light probes was increased during this period to at least one per Earth day. We are intent on ensuring that no activities or events jeopardize our mission and are, therefore, monitoring all races of Earthlings simultaneously and broadcasting reports back to Astria and to the approaching ships daily. Due to the importance of retaining specific capabilities, organizations, and power balances during this period, we are depending much more heavily on dream implantation and less on idea seeding. We've found during our time with Earthlings that the dream implantation produces almost immediate results, while idea seeding often requires several Earth years for realization.

Due to our reduction in idea seeding, this period has produced few significant discoveries and inventions, but rather has allowed Earthlings to spend time improving the technologies that they already possess. The two primary inventions during the period were the first completely self-contained artificial heart and digital satellite radio.

In EY2001, Robert Tools received the first completely self-contained artificial heart transplant in a surgery done by University of Louisville doctors at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. It is called the AbioCor Implantable Replacement Heart. Tom Christerson survived for 17 months after his artificial heart transplant, the record as of EY2005. Astrians are confident that with increased understanding of the heart and continuing improvements in prosthetics engineering, computer science, electronics, battery technology, fuel cells, etc. the practical artificial heart will be a reality sometime in the 21st century without any further Astrian intervention. This reality will serve to promote acceptance of our continuing use of consciousness implantation employed by all Astrians.

The significance of digital satellite radio is that it provides a less expensive alternative to the internet for Earth-wide communications to the less affluent areas of the planet. A satellite radio is a digital radio that receives signals broadcast by communications satellite, which covers a much wider geographical range than normal radio signals. Many areas of Earth without extensive access to the WWW will be provided with digital satellite radio, in order that the Astrian message not be missed by any Earthlings.

During this period, we've kept particularly close surveillance on Wulff and Hoffman to ensure that they are ready and able to disseminate our message in a timely manner. We employed multiple dream implantations with both of them, to accomplish these goals. We guided Wulff through a series of publications, starting with Cassadaga, a metaphysical mystery, in EY1999, in which Wulff wove a tale of the mysterious disappearance of a loved one, linked with the psychic abilities of the spiritualist residents of Cassadaga, Florida. It was production of this novel that actually brought Hoffman and Wulff in closer communication, with Hoffman creating a website to assist in the marketing of Wulff's books. This was followed in EY2001 with Death-Pact Reunion, another metaphysical mystery that explored multiple interesting phenomena, the most significant of which were the concept of after-death livelihood, and lucid-dream visualizations. These concepts logically led Wulff, with supporting Astrian dream implantation, to write Deadlihood in EY2002, a novel which first introduced a method for exchanging minds from one Earthling brain to another.

Wulff's next novel, Immortality Seekers, in 2004, continues the mind-exchange process, whereby the energy of mind (many call it spirit or soul) from one Earthling is rather routinely transported inside the brain of another.  In addition, the process of human cloning is ultimately perfected, thus providing the means of preserving the existence of both "body and soul." This entire series of related and continuously evolving stories culminates in EY2005 with Wulff's Mind-Exchange Chronicles, which combines the previous two novels and adds several new features to improve and extend the mystery. It was during Wulff's creation of Mind-Exchange Chronicles that Wulff and Hoffman took their first RV trip, when Wulff found that he was able to make unexpectedly rapid progress and enhancement of his writing due to the interchanges they enjoyed during their travels.

It was in mid-EY2005 that we finally managed to turn Wulff's interests toward Science Fiction (SciFi) and the Astrian story. Since Wulff had never been interested in SciFi and had not followed any of the Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, or Stargate series, working with his brain was like writing on a clean slate relative to our message. The entire story of Aliens to Vegas was produced as a direct result of dream implantation, with minor adjustments from Hoffman, based upon his knowledge of SciFi (e.g., Wulff initially referred to our replacement beings as robots, whereas Hoffman recognized the descriptions as being androids). As an avid SciFi fan, Hoffman also recognized the similarity of many of Wulff's descriptions to various SciFi characters and concepts that he'd seen over the years in movies and TV shows. Although we realize the reason for this is our intervention in most of the existing SciFi literature, Hoffman was somewhat amazed by some of the striking similarities generated by someone who didn't follow SciFi at all.

While guiding Wulff through a series of related, evolutionary writing, we also ensured that Hoffman remained on a path that would enable his support to the dissemination of our message. He has also done extensive writing, most of which is in the form of website logs and newsletters, and he continues to develop increasing interest in RV travel and related areas. His avid enjoyment of SciFi will also prove to be valuable to being able to explain and illustrate our message in the next few Earth years. We also have provided a number of virtual mentors for Hoffman, in the form of contacts on the internet, TV personalities that he listens to, and seminars that he attends. Due to our influence and that of these mentors, Hoffman not only retains his transportation vehicles for greatly extended periods, as mentioned in our EY1965 entry, he also has turned toward purchase of previously unknown types of vehicles, such as Japanese Mitsubishis and Suzukis. This modification of his tastes was encouraged in order to better prepare him for the unknown new situations he was destined to encounter in the near future.

An idea that is finally flourishing in this time period is the concept of vegetarianism. Although we initiated seeding as early as EY1950, moves in this direction have been slow due to the popularity of hunting and eating of flesh. Although Astrians have long-since terminated such actions, Earthlings in all areas have been resistant to eliminating flesh from their diets. Organizations such as the Vegetarian Research Group have established through their polls and surveys that the practice on avoiding flesh in the diet has enjoyed increasing popularity since EY2000 and continues to evolve. We are hopeful that the concept of a totally vegetarian diet will be much more acceptable by the time we introduce them to the need for the Ridium serum, a mind-altering drug that suppresses the predatory kill-nature of the recipient.  This Ridium drug is clearly depicted in "Aliens to Vegas."

EY2006, Light Probe #005404: As of the start of EY2006, Wulff and Hoffman had finished their nearly final draft of the Aliens to Vegas book. They recruited assistance in the illustration of the characters and situations described in the book and Hoffman has created several internet sites and pages to publicize all aspects of our message. We have a large number of accomplishments planned between now and EY2016, all of which will require innovation and diligence upon the part of Hoffman and Wulff, as well as other participants that will be recruited.

Much of what needs to be done involves informing Wulff and Hoffman, and ultimately all Earthlings, of several key pieces of information. The following list will be added to over time:

1 - Although many SciFi fans have noted the strong similarities between various SciFi productions, including similarities in the alien species portrayed, it has not yet been revealed to them that the majority of these are actual species in existence in the MWIS. It will be one of our goals in the near future to make them aware of this and to prepare them to ultimately meet and accept these species, much as has been shown in series such as Star Trek and the various Stargate productions.

2 - We will carefully reveal to the Earthlings the truth and falseness of key SciFi concepts. Although many of the more elaborate of these is purely the result of the imaginative authors, an equal number actually exist within our society. This will need to be done carefully, such that misinformation doesn't undermine our presentation, thus resulting in diminishing our credibility.

3 - We need to inform Earthlings that I, Zolf, was the first Astrian, at the onset of the planet Astria’s Age of Consciousness, to be honored at being unanimously chosen by the Milky Way Intelligentsia Society to become a ‘Spiritual Entity.’  The term, Spiritual Entity, means a biological species transported ‘out-of-body’ forever into the Fifth Dimension, and, thereby, becoming a part of that which makes up the spirit-energy of the universe.  A momentous attribute of a Spiritual Entity is the gift of instantaneous positioning anywhere within a galaxy.

EY2006, Light Probe #005526: In mid-EY2006, Wulff and Hoffman published their Aliens To Vegas in pocketbook form and initiated online sales. In addition, Al is planning a number of seminars at various universities and other locations.
One of our major successes in early EY2006 was being able to provide the necessary assistance to NASA scientists and engineers to enable them to manage the launching of a probe to the ninth object in their solar system, which they call Pluto. It was imperative that the launch be in early EY2006, such that it would arrive in mid-EY2015. This was critical for a number of reasons. We wanted it there in time to give them the opportunity to conduct research prior to our scheduled destruction of the body in late-EY2015. This research will demonstrate to them what our studies have already revealed - that the body does not actually qualify as a Planet and that it contains nothing of significant value to Earth's scientific community. This is intended to slightly soften the impact, when their United Nations organization views the destruction of the planetary body. Having the probe in place on Pluto will also provide a means for the humans to definitely verify that the destruction has taken place and that our presentation to them is valid.
Click the graphic for NASA details on the Pluto probe.
Through our dream implantation activities involving the NASA scientists working on the Pluto Probe, we've also been able to implant some subtle concepts that will result in those humans being more supportive of our planned arrival in EY2015. With their help, the implementation of our Earth-saving projects, as described in detail by Wulff and Hoffman in their Aliens To Vegas creation, will be significantly more successful.

EY2006, Light Probe #005637: In late-EY2006, a gathering of the International Astronomical Union in Prague officially changed the status of Pluto from a Planet to a new category Dwarf Planet. Apparently, our efforts to implant thoughts of the relative insignificance of Pluto, in preparation for its destruction in 2015, have been more effective than we anticipated. Although there is continued discussion between various groups of Earthlings, some in favor of the change and some against it, this action has served our purpose by focusing increased attention on the little planetary body that has been largely ignored for many earth years. We feel it will also help to soften the impact of its destruction in 2015.
As shown in the graphic above, the bodies Ceres, Pluto, Charon and 2003 UB313 are barely visible. Now Charon will continue to be considered Pluto's satellite, and the three other worlds will be dubbed Dwarf Planets rather than full-fledged planets. We will continue to closely monitor subsequent discussions on this subject, to ensure that the conclusions are beneficial to our future plans.
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Click the graphic for MSNBC details on the new status of Pluto.
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2007 Update: Read about the Astrian IMMORTALITY Project in Chapter 23 of Aliens to Vegas
EY2010, Light Probe #010000: Things are in a bit of a turmoil relative to our EY2015 plans. Virgil Wulff, a major factor in our plans, passed away unexpectedly in EY2007. We're not sure that we'll be able to begin again on the orientation of a new Earthling to replace him. Beyond that, economic crises, global warming, worldwide weather changes, and uncertainty about the predictions for EY2012 have led us to decide to put our plans on hold for a time. Between now and EY2015, we'll continue to monitor, but have major uncertainty as to whether our Earth-saving projects will still be workable as planned.

Over the next 5 earth-years, if some of these problems are solved through the efforts of Earth's leaders, we will continue with implementation of our original plans. We have estimated that we could begin training of a new support Earthling in EY2013 and still make our EY2015 deadlines, if factors have improved by then.

There are many predictions as to what may happen in late EY2012, although it's unclear at this time which ones, if any, are accurate. We are taking a close look at the writings of Robert Hoffman on his recently created website, as his tale evolves and predictions become clearer. We see that as a strong predictor of Earth's future and will take our cues from his writings over the next few Earth years.

We have no plan to update these reports further until we see some dramatic improvements in Earth's status. We expect to possibly do more updates around EY2013, depending upon EY2012 events and the general state of the Earth at that time. Until then, we'll just monitor and evaluate.