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We're hoping that, after the A2V phenomena catches on, there'll be a grand collection of websites we can list here, created by loving fans, as has happened for Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and Stargate.

However, as of now (Earth Year 2006), we've only got a few. We'll start here and grow the list whenever we hear of anything else happening. If you're an A2Vian and have a website, Sign Our Guestbook! If you experienced Astrian Dream Implantation (ADI), please email your experience to zolf_one@yahoo.com.

AliensToVegas.com - Here's a shortcut to that Book Discussion mentioned above.

Aliens2Vegas.com - What happens in Vegas, Stay in Vegas ... or Does it? What about the Aliens?

Astrians.com - Some details about the aliens featured in A2V, including our "draw an alien" contest.

Robert Hoffman Consulting, Inc. - Bob's official website, listing all of the sites he has created, and offering you a site of your own for only pennies a day.

VirgilAllenWulff.homestead.com - Al's official website, featuring all his books to date, including info on the latest fantastic work: Aliens to Vegas.

Zolf.info - The Chronicles of Zolf, relating the Astrian influence on the advancement of the human race from 1890 to the present-day.

                    - If you don't believe the predictions made in A2V, check out this clock and then reread the parts about the alien projects - you'll soon be a believer!
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A note from Bob Hoffman: Aliens to Vegas actually consists of 3 separate, but intertwined, stories. While Al and Zolf think that the important story is in the Save-The-World, Alien-Defined Projects, and the entertainment is in the day-to-day events of the RV trip to Vegas, I feel that the most intriguing aspect of the book is the tale of the Astrians' interest in our planet, their subsequent visitation, their approach to convincing us of the importance of following their instructions, and, most importantly, the way they managed to communicate their story to us through Astrian Dream Implantation (ADI).

To read about the Projects, click the Blue cover on the right above.

Below are some short passages from the book, intended to whet your appetite toward hearing the entire, fantastic tale that I consider the "meat" of the presentation:

First, from page 1:

When Al finally awoke after that first dream about aliens, he lay there drenched with perspiration.  His head throbbed and body twinged from tension strains as he rolled out of bed, trying hard not to awaken Martha.

In the shower, gaping in mystic thought, he realized he could, surprisingly, recall everything about his dream.  This was quite unusual but exhilarating, as dreams generally escaped him quickly after awaking.

Oddly, it was not the aliens that perplexed him as much as did the ethereal dream itself.  It had such lucidity that he felt his presence within it, like an unnoticed phantom, actively observing, actually intermingling with, the characters in every Morphean scene.

After showering, Al rushed to his personal computer, closing the den door gently, and put it to words, remembering it all with little difficulty.

In the weeks to follow, several more of these surreal, methodical dreams, serializing the alien saga, came to pass.

Then, from page 34 :

Dr. One, an outstanding cosmologist back on planet Astria, was not only the lead attaché, but also the Spaceship Mission Director.  Once the androids learned about SETI, Dr. One prepared an initial message for direct sequential transmission within the 1000 MHz to 3000 MHz frequency range.

Al had already opened his notebook to the message he had previously re-constructed.  “Let me read that message to you, Bob.”


We are from the planet Astria, which orbits the star you named 51Pegasi, within the constellation that you named Pegasus.

In the near future, we shall be visiting your planet, which you call Earth.  Over the past year, we have learned much about Earth, including your biological evolution, languages, cultures, and history.  Such information and data were readily acquired from your continuous media transmissions.

Another important discovery was an article about your international organization, the United Nations (UN).

I am to be known as Dr. One, the designated Ambassador to planet Earth.  Upon our arrival, I shall address the UN General Assembly as to our mission.


And, finally, from page 56:

Dr. One:  Thank you.  I have a special task for you.  With respect to our prior correspondence, I request that you give a presentation to the United Nations General Assembly.  Schedule this meeting for Tuesday, 15 December 2015, from 1100 to 1300 hours.  At this meeting, have a large screen installed such that everyone can view it.  It should have a live video of the planet Pluto on active display all through your recitation, and especially at exactly 1200 hours.  On the first hour (1100-1200) of your presentation, describe the planet Astria.  Then, at high noon, we are going to annihilate the planet Pluto, as will be shown on your video screen.  This is an unfortunate action, but please bear with us.  Our research clearly evidences some nations as bellicose, with stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.  Our show of force, with the full capacity to eliminate planets must be clearly displayed.  It is both for our protection and, hopefully, to preclude a horrendous conflict.  You must understand that we are merely androids, thus, if it must be war, your entire planet Earth will be wastefully destroyed, and our mission, a dismal failure....  On the second hour (1200-1300), when all has calmed down, please go on to describe our mission.
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